SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge
PS Version
Developer(s)Climax Group
Platform(s)Playstation, Gameboy Advance
RatingE for Everyone
Release(s)November 5th, 2001 - NA


[edit] Plot

Spongebob wants to give Patrick a signed autograph of the superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, but they give SpongeBob challenges, SpongeBob goes around Bikini Bottom to do the challenges for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

[edit] Chapters and Levels

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge is divided into five chapters and twenty levels in total.

[edit] Chapter One: Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom's path way is going down the neighbourhood into the Jellyfish fields around Sandy's dome across the Fish Hooks Park and around Downtown Bikini Bottom to fight a mother jellyfish.

  • Level 1: Jellyfish Fields

The starting level, you can learn how to use the jellyfish net and meet your first enemies.

  • Level 2: Sandy's Tree Dome

The second level and rising in difficulty because you need to refill your water helmet that has sprung a leak.

  • Level 3: Fish Hooks Park

The third level you must traverse the landscape using fish hooks and some spiky pits make for obstacles in your way.

  • Level 4: Downtown Bikini Bottom

The final level which has medium difficult laid out, at the end you must face the Mother jellyfish who will try to sting you and your only way to defeat her is to throw jellyfish at her.

[edit] Chapter Two: To The Center Of The Earth

This level includes areas deep in the ground.

  • Level 5: Cavernous Canyons

This area is set in a "canyon" with jagged spikes, as well as stalagtites and stalagmites

  • Level 6: Thermal Tunnels

This level is set in a tunnel with "hot spots" and sudden "blasts of fire."

  • Level 7: Acrid Air Pockets

This level is set in a stone cave.

  • Level 8: Lava Fields

The last level of the chapter, you have to jump over lava on logs and fight a large mechanical fish called sub-shark at the end.

[edit] Chapter Three: Bikini Bottom Prehistoric Times

  • Level 9: Precipice Canyon

In this level, you will find a blaster that shoots out jellyfish to defend yourself.

  • Level 10: Desert Wasteland

In this level, there are coral trees, hot patches, and various creatures.

  • Level 11: Kelpazoic Jungle

In this level, you have a bubble wand bubble soap to float up to places you can't reach. At the end of the level, Spongebob gets scared and accidentally walks in to a whale's mouth.

  • Level 12: Inside the Whale

In this level, you are deep inside the stomach of a whale, on a bumpy landscape. The boss of this level is the parasitic worm.

[edit] Chapter Four: Rock Bottom

  • Level 13: Road To The Bottom Of Rock Bottom
  • Level 14: Lonely Souls
  • Level 15: Graveyard
  • Level 16: Last Stop

This is a level in a cemetery. You must travel through this cemetery defeating ghosts and other creatures. The boss of the level is the Flying Dutchman.

[edit] Chapter Five: Industrial

  • Level 17: Jelly Fields

This is an equal level of the first except that the jelly fields are now very polluted.

  • Level 18: Man Ray's Lair
  • Level 19: Oil Rig
  • Level 20: Canning Factory

This is level set in a factory above the sea. The boss of this level is an iron dogfish.

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