Sea Snail

Sea Snails are the equivalent of domestic cats. They hiss, purr, are generally smart, and "meow" just like cats. The most common Sea Snail in Spongebob is, of course Gary the Snail. A trait that Gary has that probably applies to all Sea Snails is that he absolutely hates water (baths). The Snail Po that Gary eats is also very similar to what Cat Food looks like. Some Sea Snails are bred to be professional racing snails. Ironic, since they are all very slow (unlike real cats).

[edit] Notable Sea Snails

  • Lightning Larry Luciano - He came in the episode The Great Snail Race. He is known to take 1st Place when it comes to snail racing. He has a moustache, and seems to be very old and slow.
  • Mrs. Puff's Snail - Appears to be quite similar to Snellie.

Several other snails appeared in a few episodes with very minor roles.

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