Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Bus Station

Rock Bottom is the location near Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick's trio home location. To get there, is by lobster bus down a complete 90 degree angle, vertical road. The fish that reside in Rock Bottom are viewed as weird creatures of the dark world. Rock Bottom does not have day or night and is always dark. Not much is known about Rock Bottom other than their bus station and the fish with the glowing ball. To get back to Bikini Bottom, is by lobster bus, or in an earlier episode, "balloon travel." For Spongebob, the buses were seemingly hard to catch.

[edit] Battle For Bikini Bottom


  • Get to the Museum
  • Slip Sliding Away
  • Return the Museum's Art
  • Swing Along Spatula
  • Plundering Robots in the Museum
  • Across the Trench of Darkness
  • Lasers are Fun and Good For You
  • How in Tarnation Do You Get Up There?

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