Ripped Pants

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Air DateJuly 17th, 1999 - NA
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[edit] Summary

Spongebob and Sandy are hanging out at the beach, Goo Lagoon. They are enjoying themselves, but than Larry comes over and asks them if they want to lift weights. Sandy wants to and leaves to go with Larry, and although Spongebob doesn't want to he follows them anyway. Sandy and Larry both lift weights and the crowd applauses and are indeed impressed. Spongebob tries to impress the crowd by lifting a stick, but no one is impressed and Spongebob accidentally rips his pants and the whole crowd starts laughing. Spongebob is so embarrased and leaves. However, everyone is laughing at him and he realizes that by ripping his pants it gets him attention. So, every where he goes he starts ripping his pants on purpose, but everyone is starting to stop laughing. He takes it too far by pretending to drown and ripping his pants and everyone ends up being mad at him, including Sandy. He feels really bad and begins to sing a song about how he feels, and soon everyone is listening to him and they forgive him, including Sandy.

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