Reef Blower

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Air DateMay 1st, 1999 - NA
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Reef Blower was the second episode of the hit series SpongeBob SquarePants.

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[edit] Summary

Reef Blower is a short silent episode. In this episode Squidward comes out of his house and finds a clam shell in his yard. Since the clam shell messes up his clean yard, Squidward decides to kick the clam shell over to Spongebob's yard. Now when Spongebob comes out and finds the clam shell in his yard, he simply goes to get his reef blower. Spongebob's reef blower ends up going crazy, but it gets the job done because the clam shell is no longer in his yard. Unfortunately for Squidward, because of the reef blower going crazy, his yard is no longer clean, but instead it is extremely messy. However, Squidward deserved what he got because he was just to lazy to get rid of the clam shell properly. In the end the clam shell also ends up in Squidward's yard, more specifically on his nose.

[edit] Characters

All the characters of this episode were:

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