Prawn is one of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's enemies.

[edit] History

Most of his history is unknown, but this is the known history of him: Sometime (date unknown), Prawn put all of Mermaid Man's white clothes in the washer, with a red sock, and then all of Mermaid Man's socks turned Pink. When Plankton's Robots took over the Mermalair Security System and SpongeBob and Patrick had to shut it down, after it was shut down and the Mermalair Computer regained control over the security system, apparently, the Mermalair Villain Containment System was also shut off, and Prawn escaped. SpongeBob then had to Bubble Bowl down at him 3 times, and after that he became frozen in Tartar Sauce once again.

[edit] Abillities

  • Prawn was able to create controllable sonic sound waves by using some kind of microphone attached to his head. It is unknown how he could possibly do this.
  • Being able to change the color of the disco floor lights in the Mermalair Villain Containment Area.
  • Being able to create Ham-Mer robots which were a type of Plankton's Robots. It is unknown how he could this.

[edit] Appearances

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