Potty the Parrot

Potty the Parrot
Potty the Parrot.png
GenderUnknown (called both female and male)
InterestsMocking Patchy
Lives InEncino, California
Best FriendsPatchy the Pirate
Voiced byStephen Hillenburg/Paul Tibbitt/Mr. Lawrence

[edit] Overview

Potty is Patchy's pet parrot. Potty is a puppet bird whose name is a parody of a phrase often recited by parrots, "Polly wanna cracker." Potty frequently teases Patchy and can be quite bothersome. The creator of SpongeBob, Stephen Hillenburg, played the voice of Potty until he left the show in 2004. The voice has been provided by Paul Tibbitt and Mr. Lawrence in recent years.

Potty's gender is unclear. In the pre-movie era, all signs pointed to Potty being female: Potty lays an egg in "The Sponge Who Could Fly," which only female parrots can do, and is referred to as a female in two tie-in books. However, in the post-movie episode "Friend or Foe," Patchy says "his" when referring to Potty. When asked about Potty's gender, SpongeBob showrunner Vincent Waller said: "It is only a puppet, with no tell tale signs of gender."

[edit] Appearance

Potty has mainly green feathers and a yellow beak. Potty's wings hang from several obvious white strings.

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