Missions: The Yellow Avenger

Follow and complete the missions listed below in order to get rid of all the Dirty Bubbles in Bikini Bottom.

[edit] List of Missions

1. Catch a Jellyfish and collect some of its jelly!

2. Catch the bus!

3. Deliver package to Squidward!

4. I can't go to work until I've fed Gary!

5. Ring up a Krabby Patty and Seaweed Salad!

6. Throw a Water Ball to Break a Barrier!

7. Borrow some Fry Grease from Plankton, and give it to Mr. Krabs!

8. Find the Key to the Krusty Krab, and get to work!

9. Deliver a Krabby Patty and Fries to Patrick, in Jellyfish Fields!

10. Tell Mermaid Man that Man Ray is up to something!

11. Foil Man Ray's plans!

12. Call Mr. Krabs to tell him that I'll be late for work!

13. Find Mr. Krab's phone number!

14. Watch the TV News to find out what's going on!

15. Go visit Goo Lagoon!

16. Collect the tips and give them to Mr. Krabs!

17. Collect all the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Stickers!

18. Go visit Jellyfish Fields!

19. Find a Jellyfish Jar at Sandy's Tree Dome!

20. Hide Man Ray's Levitation Ray!

21. Catch 12 Dirty Bubbles in the Boating School Test Course for Mrs Puff!

22. Karate Practice with Sandy: Pick up a box using Super Strength!

23. Warn Squidward that his arch-rival, Squilliam, is in town for the Talent Show!

24. Hand in my homework to Mrs. Puff at the Boating School!

25. Give coupons to Patrick, in the Residential District, and Pearl Krabs, in Downtown Bikini Bottom!

26. Find Sandy in Jellyfish Fields for Karate Practice!

27. Clear the way to Squidward's House!

28. Find Squidward's Clarinet, and return it to him!

29. Confront the Sinister Slug!

30. Catch 14 Little Dirty Bubbles in Jellyfish Fields, to make it safe for the Talent Show!

31. Find out where Squilliam buys his clothes, and tell Pearl!

32. Set the alarm for work tomorrow!

33. Find the Scary Glow-in-the-Dark Beard and Moustache!

34. Scare Squidward!

35. Change the channel!

36. Find all the ingredients for a Krabby Patty!

37. Make a Krabby Patty!

38. Take the Krabby Patty to the Orders Window!

39. Search Jellyfish Grotto for another Jellyfish Jelly Jar!

40. Search Plankton's Laboratory and find out what he's up to!

41. Find the Flying Dutchman's 3 missing Treasure Keys!

42. Borrow Mr. Krabs' Sea Needle Pass!

43. Get to the Sea Needle, in Downtown Bikini Bottom!

44. Treasure Key: Defeat the Queen Jellyfish in Rock Bottom!

45. Treasure Key: Check the Rock Bottom Station!

46. Treasure Key: Climb Rock Bottom's Giant Anchor!

47. Find Mr. Krabs' Lucky Nickel!

48. Find Sandy in Goo Lagoon for some Advanced Karate Practice!

49. Pick up Sandy's Beach Bag for her!

50. Search Rock Bottom for the Flying Dutchman!

51. Foil the Jumbo Shrimp's Plans!

52. Find some change and buy a Kelp Bar!

53. Cheer up Mrs. Puff with a Flower from Sandy's Tree Dome!

54. Bring Larry his Binoculars!

55. Work out!

56. Make sure Mr. Krabs' Money is still safe!

57. Find the Combination to Mr. Krabs' Safe!

58. Phone Mr. Krabs and tell him that his money is safe!

59. Turn off Mr. Krabs' Television!

60. Find out what's wrong with Gary!

61. Find some Snail-Nip Kelp!

62. Catch 16 Little Dirty Bubbles in the Industrial Park, to help Sandy clean it up!

63. Find out what else snails can eat! Ask Patrick, in the Residential District!

64. Explore Kelp Forest, and find the Clearing!

65. Defeat the King Jellyfish!

66. Feed Gary!

67. Get Plankton's Stolen Robot Parts back, and return them to him!

68. Get Barnacle Boy to Autograph Patrick's Cereal Box for him!

69. Check out what's playing at The Reef Cinema!

70. Visit Mermaid Man at The Shandy Shoals Retirement Home!

71. Confront the Atomic Flounder!

72. Find the Magic Conch Shell, and return it to Patrick!

73. Hide Patrick's stash of Kalp Bars in the Kelp Clearing!

74. Turn off Squidward's Bath!

75. Bring Squidward's sheet music to him!

76. Prove to Officer Nancy that you're a good noodle!

77. Search Plankton's Laboratory for the scraps of the Secret Recipe!

78. Find the winning ticket stub!

79. Claim prize at the Concession Stand!

80. Fix the Pickle-less Patties!

81. Deliver replacement pickle to Officer Nancy, in Kelp Forest!

82. Deliver replacement pickle to Scooter, in Downtown Bikini Bottom!

83. Deliver replacement pickle to Larry Lobster, in Goo Lagoon!

84. Ask Mr. Krabs where he gets the Krabby Patty Pickles!

85. Catch 10 Little Dirty Bubbles in Downtown Bikini Bottom, to make it safe for Mama Krabs!

86. Take the Bubble Goo to Mermaid Man!

87. Check out the mysterious Bubble Goo at the Old Factory!

88. Pick 3 Pickles from the Pickle Patch in Kelp Forest!

89. Find Wormy, and bring him back to Sandy!

90. Go back to the Sea Needle to confront the Gigantic Dirty Bubble!

91. Put the Kelp Bar in Mama Krabs' Fridge!

92. Shut down the Freezing Chamber!

93. Restore power to the Old Factory!

94. Find the missing Fuse and replace it in the Old Factory fuse box!

95. Take the Orb of Confusion to the Industrial Park!

96. Find 5 Pearls for Mama Krabs!

97. Fix the Broken Machinery!

98. Show the completed Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Sticker Collection to Mermaid Man!

99. Save Bikini Bottom from the Little Dirty Bubbles!

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