Mermaid Man

Mermaid Man
ColorTan (Skin), Orange (Shirt), Black (Pants)
InterestsCrime Fighting
Lives InShady Shoals Retirement Home ,Bikini Bottom
Best FriendBarnacle Boy
OccupationCrime Fighter
Voiced byErnest Borgnine

[edit] Overview

Perhaps a more apt name would be Mermaid Old Man. He was born January 24, 1917. He's a TV hero well past his days, spending his life in a retirement home with his sidekick Barnacle Boy. They are the SpongeBob equivalent of Batman and Robin. Old age has taken its toll on the Mermaid Man though. Not only does he believe that the show was real and that he is in fact a super hero, but every time someone says "evil" he goes crazy and attempts to hide from this unknown enemy.

SpongeBob SquarePants sees Mermaid Man as his idol. He tries to take his values and ideas and apply them to his every day life. He's also seen quite often dressed up as Mermaid Man in an attempt to be more like and feel like his hero. He means so much to him that when they meet he does not acknowledge the old age, nor that they've changed at all. His devotion is so strong it leaves him blind to what's really there. He eventually realises in cooperation with his best friend Patrick, making it their quest to restore the heroes to former glory.

[edit] Appearance

Mermaid Man hasn't change clothing since his TV days, although his clothes aren't nearly as fitting and he has made some slight modifications. He's a human with white hair and is quite fat. He's lost his boots for pink slippers and looks like he's about to break the belt and bikini top. He has an orange shirt and what looks to be pants made of black scales, to represent his part mermaid self. There's also a purple starfish on his face for protecting his secret identity, which he forgot years ago anyway.

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