Larry the Lobster

Larry the Lobster
InterestsWorking out, volleyball, surfing
Lives InBikini Bottom (assumed)
Best FriendsUnknown
OccupationLifeguard at Goo Lagoon
Voiced byMr. Lawrence

[edit] Overview

Larry the Lobster is a minor recurring character who appears in several episodes. When he appears, he is normally at Goo Lagoon or a background character. He is one of very many characters named "Larry" on the show: the others are Larry Luciano (a racing champion), Larry the Snail (a temporary replacement for Gary the Snail), Larry SquarePants (one of SpongeBob's cousins, mentioned in the game Operation Krabby Patty), and Pinhead Larry (a criminal in Sandy's dream).

[edit] Appearance

A really buff lobster, that's about the extent of his description. He wears shorts, but the color/pattern on them is inconsistent and often changes.

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