Krusty Towers

When Spongebob and Squidward walks towards the Krusty Krab, they notice that the Krusty Krab has transformed into a hotel known as 'Krutsy Towers'. Mr. Krabs built 'Krusty Towers' because to get a better business running. He got the idea of building a hotel ever since he stayed in a hotel which costed him over $200. He hires Squidward as a receptionist. When Patrick enters Krusty Towers, he rents a room just because he wants to eat a Krabby Patty. After renting a room, Patrick keeps ordering Squidward around. Squidward gets annoyed and then quis his job leaving Spongbob and Mr. Krabs as the only employes. After quitting, Squidward enters Krusty Tower as a tourist and he starts to order Mr. Krabs around.

Eventually, 'Krusty Towers' gets destroyed by Squidward ordering a swimming pool in his own room.

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