Just One Bite

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Title for the Episode
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Title for the Episode.
Air DateOctober 5, 2001

When SpongeBob learns that Squidward has never tasted a Krabby Patty, it becomes his obsession to get his miserable co-worker to take just one bite. When Squidward finally does, he hates it; at least that's what he tells SpongeBob. After Spongebob went away, Squidward would try to get a Krabby Patty from Spongebob, telling him to leave it at the counter. Instead, Spongebob ate it. At night, he dreams of marrying a Krabby Patty, having children with it, growing old with it and dying with it. Afterwards, he goes to the Krusty Krab and sneaks into the Patty Vault inside the Krusty Krab. Squidward sees SpongeBob come in unexpectedly and admits he likes Krabby Patties, eating a lot of the Krabby Patties in the Patty Vault. SpongeBob tries to warn Squidward that eating too many patties at a time will cause him to explode, but before Squidward can hear him, it's too late. He is taken away to the hospital with his head separated from the remains of his body.

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Note: This episode is one of the few that has been edited. In the original episode, Squidward walks into the Krusty Krab, where gasoline falls from above the door and burns Squidward as a security system. In the edited version this security is missing entirely as he walks over to the vault unharmed.

There is a continuity error in this episode as well. Though Squidward claims to have "never tasted a krabby patty", this is actually false. In "Your Shoe's Untied", aired on November 2, 2000 (almost a year before this episode was released), Spongebob accidentally launches hundreds of Krabby Patties directly into Squidward's mouth, gorging Squidward and causing him to balloon to enormous size. Squidward also says, 'I think my heart just stopped' to Mr. Krabs after he asks what happened over here.

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