Air DateJuly 31st, 1999 - NA
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[edit] Summary

Spongebob and Patrick always have a blast when it comes to jellyfishing. They are about to go jellyfishing when they see Squidward. They think they would have even more fun if Squidward went jellyfishing with them. Squidward of course thinks jellyfishing is stupid, especially if he was to go with Spongebob and Patrick. He leaves them and starts riding his bike and laughing uncontrollably. What Squidward doesn't know is that there's actually a jellyfish behind him and it stings him. Squidward ends up having to go to the hospital. Mean while, Spongebob and Patrick, being the good friends they are, wait for Squidward to come home to give him his best day ever, by taking him jellyfishing. Squidward isn't very happy about that, but he cannot object because of hsi condition. However once they get there, Squidward decides to look for the jellyfish that stung him and get his revenge. It doesn't work out that way though because Squidward runs into the jellyfish's mother, which also stings him. And so Squidward has to go to the hospital again and is even more badly injured than before.

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