Home Sweet Pineapple

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Air DateAugust 14th, 1999 - NA
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[edit] Summary

In this episode, SpongeBob's pineapple home is destroyed by nematodes. The nematodes actually drink SpongeBob's pineapple home. SpongeBob has no choice, but to move in back with his parents. SpongeBob's neighbor, Patrick, does everything he can to stop him fom leaving because SpongeBob is his best friend. SpongeBob doesn't really want to move in with his parents either, but he has to. His other neighbor, Squidward, is actually happy that SpongeBob is leaving... It's probably a dream come true for him to not have SpongeBob as a neighbor. And so Squidward does whatever he can to help SpongeBob move. Finally, SpongeBob's parents come to pick him and Gary up. Patrick is in hysterics and Squidward is dancing happily where SpongeBob's house used to be. Sadly, SpongeBob picks up a pebble and places it where his house used to be, as a memento. When SpongeBob's tear hits the pebble, the ground begins to shake. It turns out the pebble was actually a pineapple seed, and SponegBob's pineapple house is regrown... On top of Squidward. In the end, everyone is happy with the exception of Squidward.

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[edit] Additional Note

This is the first episode in which Mr. SquarePants and Mrs. SquarePants, SpongeBob's parents, appear in.

[edit] Characters

All the main characters of this episode were:

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