Dying for Pie

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Air DateDecember 28th, 2000 - NA

[edit] Summary

This episode opens with Spongebob annoying Squidward at the beginning of Squidward's shift at work. Mr. Krabs alerts Squidward that today is the day the employees exchange gifts to each other. Of course Squidward does not have a gift. Spongebob does have a gift. He made Squidward a sweater made of eyelashes, and used a watermelon to shape the head of it. Squidward angrily throws the sweater in Spongebob's face, throwing Spongebob into a crying mess. Mr. Krabs then forces Squidward to get Spongebob a homemade gift. As Squidward searches for a gift, he discovers pirates putting pies on a ship. Squidward asked to buy one, and one of the pirates told him that the pies were actually bombs, and were made in a bomb factory. Another pirate quickly hushes him up, in order to con Squidward into buying a pie-bomb. Squidward buys it, and gives it to Spongebob. When Spongebob apparently eats the pie, Squidward realizes that the pie was a bomb, and freaks out. Mr. Krab tells Squidward that Spongebob is going to die at sundown. Squidward then spends the rest of the day with Spongebob, doing anything that he desires. Spongebob has a long list of things he wants to do. Squidward has no choice but to do it. The last thing on the list is for them to watch the sunset together. Squidward is very nervous and builds a wall between the two. However, when the sun sets, nothing happens. It seems that Spongebob did not eat the pie, he was actually saving it for him and Squidward to eat. Squidward is extremely angry because he wasted a whole day and even worst, he spent the day with Spongebob. Unfortunately for Squidward, things could only get worse because Spongebob accidentally trips and throws the pie at Squidward and it explodes.

[edit] Characters

All the main characters of this episode were:

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