Many significant items are shown periodically throughout the Spongebob Squarepants series. All of these items have importance throughout Spongebob's and other character's life.


[edit] Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob's Spatula

Spongebob uses his spatula everyday at his job as a frycook, at the Krusty Krab. There have been episodes in which Spongebob treats his spatula as a person or a friend. Misplacement of Spongebob's spatula sent him into a spiraling depression.

Krusty Krab Hat

This completes Spongebob's work attire. Without the hat Spongebob was casually strolling the street, with the hat Spongebob was doing what he loved the most, working. The hat is the only attire Spongebob is required to wear, although in earlier episodes, there are scenes of Spongebob and Squidward wearing name tags at work.

Spongebob's Box Suit

This is the most important item to Spongebob of all time. His box suit. This creates the entire sponge image of the character himself. This is the only attire you will see Spongebob wear unless he is working, in his PJs, or just his plain underwear. The box suit consists of brown trousers, a black belt that goes around the waist of the trousers, a white suit shirt, and a red tie, 80's white socks, and black dress shoes with white laces. The suit is unique because of the sleeves of the suit coming out of Spongebob's head.

[edit] Patrick Star

Sand TV

This is the most important item that makes Patrick, Patrick. Often when Patrick is quickly opening his rock home, his house will consist of a small hold in the ground that could fit at most 20 people. In the earlier episode when Patrick's parents came to visit, you for the first time can see the inside of Patrick's home in high detail. Since Patrick's hobby is watching TV, this makes Patrick's sand television one of the most important items.

Rock Antenna

The place that Patrick Star is usually located is his house. One of the items you see the most associated on his house is a giant, brown rock with a golden colored antenna on top. Where does the antenna connect to? No episodes have revealed, but the antenna gives Patrick signal for his most favorite item, his TV. Making the antenna an important item.

Patrick's Shorts

Patrick Star only wears one piece of clothing throughout the series of Spongebob Squarepants. His green shorts with purple sea flowers. Patrick was even seen wearing these shorts during the hibernation episode, where Spongebob and Patrick proceeded to walk into bare snow. Patrick fails to wear shoes during this, and anything more than his shorts.

[edit] Squidward Tentacles


I think the most obvious item would be Squidward's clarinet. He fulfills his obsession with his musical instrument throughout the entire series. Although most of the characters besides Spongebob and Patrick at most times despise Squidward's musical "talent", Squidward still continues to host shows and manages to fill up seats with already suspecting citizens. Squidward still enjoys playing his clarinet more than anything and living his life trying to act more classier than his narcotic neighbors.

[edit] Krusty Cashier

Although Squidward hated his job at the Krusty Krab, that was where he spent majority of his time. Being the cashier even before Spongebob was hired, the cash register is definitely one of Squidward's life items. Along with the cash register, the boat is one of Squidward's important items. He's slept here, done his make up, and read the paper numerous of times in this white boat.

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