Boating School

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Air DateAugust 7th, 1999 - NA
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[edit] Summary

SpongeBob SquarePants continues to take his driving test and fails over and over again. He attends Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Every time SpongeBob takes the test, they end up in an accident. SpongeBob is really upset about not getting his license and he tells everything to his best friend, Patrick Star. Instead of motivating SpongeBob and telling him he could do it on his own, Patrick comes up with a plan... Which is basically cheating. Patrick uses a telescope from SpongeBob's house to spy on SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff during the test. Patrick uses a set of walkie-talkies to tell him exactly what to do, so he'll pass the test. Mrs. Puff is nervous at the beginning, but than she notices how well SpongeBob is doing and is extremely surprised and happy. They both begin talking and laughing. Than Mrs. Puff starts making a joke about how SpongeBob is actually cheating by having someone tell him what to do using a walkie-talkie. SpongeBob is almost close to finishing the test, but after hearing this he feels guilty, since everything Mrs. Puff said was true. He ends up confessing everything, they get into an accident, and once again SpongeBob fails his driving test.

[edit] Additional Info

This is the first episode that Mrs. Puff appears in.

[edit] Characters

All the main characters of this episode were:

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