Barnacle Boy

Barnacle Boy
Barnacle boy.jpg
Barnacle Boy
ColorWhite (Skin), Red (Shirt), Black (Pants)
InterestsCrime Fighting
Lives InShady Shoals Retirement Home, Bikini Bottom
Best FriendsMermaid Man
OccupationCrime Fighter
Voiced byTim Conway

[edit] Overview

Barnacle Boy (born December 15, 1933) is Mermaid Man's side-kick. He is much more sane and aware than Mermaid Man. He also possess similar powers to Mermaid Man.

[edit] Appearance

Barnacle Boy is some what thin. He wears a white sailor cap, a black mask and a blue cape. He also wears dark blue rubber gloves, boots, a red shirt, and rubber black underwear.

[edit] Powers

Barrnacle Boy possess almost identical powers to Mermaid Man.
According to Mermaid Man, all the powers they have are in their super hero suits.
He uses abilities similar to Aquaman's, including: the ability to summon and control sea creatures, high speed swimming and water balls (balls of water that form from the palms of his hands).

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