The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie


[edit] Background

Plankton has become sick and tired of failing to obtain the secret formula. He thinks he has gone through every one of his plans until he realizes he has one more plan left; Plan Z.
Part of Plan Z is to steal King Neptune's crown and then to take over Bikini Bottom. But first, Plankton frames Mr. Krabs for stealing King Neptune's crown. King Neptune arrives at the Krusty Krab and freezes Mr. Krabs. He says that the deadline for his crown to return is six days. SpongeBob and Patrick volunteer to retrieve the crown. Patrick, on the other hand, managed to limit the deadline to three days.
On their journey to retrieve the crown, SpongeBob and Patrick go through all these crazy things, crazy places and they meet all new people.

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[edit] Release Information

USA - 19 November 2004
Australia - 6 January 2005
UK - 11 February 2005
Japan - 22 April 2006

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