Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks
SpongeBob SquarePants Sandy Cheeks Transparent PNG.png
InterestsKarate, Extreme Sports
Lives InBikini Bottom
Best FriendsSpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star
OccupationMarine Researcher, Food Chopper at Krusty Krab (Temporary)
Voiced byCarolyn Lawrence


[edit] Overview

Sandy Cheeks is one of the main characters in the series. She is a squirrel from Texas who loves extreme sports.

She has a soft side and a mean side, as shown in the episode where she hibernated and was interrupted by Spongebob and Patrick. She can sing as well, as shown in the episode where she is about to move back to Texas.

She is very good friends with Patrick and Spongebob and often compares herself to the other sea "critters."

- Quotes From Sandy Cheeks

[edit] Family



  • Randy - Her twin brother, mentioned in episode Rodeo Daze.

[edit] Appearance

Sandy has brown fur, a bushy tail, and wears a white air-filled suit that looks much like an astronaut's space suit. When she's in her Treedome she wears a purple and green bikini.

[edit] The Treedome

The Treedome is Sandy's 'house'. It is filled with oxygen, so she doesn't need to wear her oxygen suit. In her Treedome, Sandy has a huge oak tree (which contains her bed). She also has a picnic table and an exercise wheel.

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