Sheldon J. Plankton
ColorOlive Green
BirthdayNovember 30, 1942
InterestsWorld Domination, Krusty Krab Secret Formula
Lives InChum Bucket, Bikini Bottom
Best FriendKaren (Computer W.I.F.E.), used to be best friends with Mr. Krabs in childhood.
OccupationOwner of the Chum Bucket
Voiced byMr. Doug Lawrence

[edit] Overview

Sheldon Janet Plankton, preferrably just Plankton, is a very small sea plankton who usually finds himself on the wrong end of his plans being spoiled by Mr. Krabs. His computer w.i.f.e, Karen, will usually attempt to assist him but he rarely listens. He once pulled together an entire family of Planktons to steal the formula. That, obviously did not work out so well.

He is the kind of person who would lie to get anything, for example, he tried to lie about having a friendship with SpongeBob just to get the formula. He did the same thing with Mr. Krabs once as well. But that dragged out longer.

In episodes he has a big part in, you can always expect him to either lie to somebody, fail at another Krabby Patty theft attempt, or be very sarcastic. In fact, he is probably the most sarcastic character on the show except from Squidward. He is also made up of 1% evil and 99% hot gas.

- Quotes From Plankton

[edit] Family



  • Karen - His so called computer w.i.f.e.


  • Clem
  • Zeke
  • Rufus
  • Jeke
  • Billy Bob
  • Billy Jim
  • Billy Billy Bo Willy Banana Fanna Fo Filly
  • Doug
  • Enis
  • Rainchild


[edit] Appearance

Plankton is very, very tiny. He is olive green in color, has two antennaes, and one big yellow eye with red pupil-less irises.

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