Pearl Krabs

Pearl Krabs
Lives InBikini Bottom
Best FriendSpongeBob SquarePants
OccupationHigh School Cheerleader
Krusty Krab Manager (Temporary)
Voiced byLori Alan

Pearl is the daughter of Mr. Krabs. She has qualities an everday teenager has, emotional problems, priority with friends and the school prom (She is desperate enough to have spongebob be her Prom date) and the everyday "I must fit in with the rest of the people no matter what" life style. In the episode Bossy Boots, she temporarily turned the Krusty Krab into a teenage paradise called the Kuddly Krab, where the menu is just salad, salad, salad, which is pronounced the 'coral' way, which is suh-laad.

Depending on the situation, she either loves or hates her father since he is a money-centered crustacean.

- Quotes From Pearl Krabs

[edit] Family


  • King Krabs
  • Princess Pearl



  • Betsy Krabs - Grandmother

[edit] Appearance

Pearl is a gray whale. She has blonde hair that is almost always in a ponytail, big blue eyes and a large, rectangular head. She wears a pink shirt with a dark pink letter P, as well as a dark pink skirt and white boots.

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