Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff
Mrs. Puff 2.jpg
Lives InBikini Bottom
Best FriendMr. Krabs (Short period of time)
OccupationOwner & Teacher at the Boating School
Voiced byMary Jo Catlett

[edit] Overview

A small character who plays more than what would seem, Mrs. Puff is the teacher at Mrs. Puff's Boating School. It's from this that she comes into contact with other characters, as she rarely appears anywhere else. Mrs. Puff is in regular contact with SpongeBob because he always fails his exams, having to keep going back to boat school. This is also how she gets to know Patrick because he attempts to help SpongeBob cheat on his exams, showing that he's actually a capable driver.

Given the type of fish she is, she's prone to blowing up really big due to getting angry, surprised or upset. It's usually due to SpongeBob and his unintentional wrong doings.

Overall, she's a nice person who tries to give SpongeBob guidance in life, as his parents don't feature much in his life. She acts like a mother figure to him, teaching and helping him.

This leads on to Mr. Krabs who dates her for a short period of time, who acts as a father to SpongeBob. It's a complimentary deal, though sadly the relationship didn't work out.

- Quotes From Mrs. Puff

[edit] Appearance

A big fish of a brown and tan complexion. Her clothing is always the official one by the school. She wears a blue top and red skirt (a uniform looking one piece bikini), along with a little blue hat. More often than not, you'll also see her with a clipboard in hand ready to grade the students.

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