Gary the Snail

ColorOrange/Peach-Pink Shell, Blue/Green Body
InterestsBooks, Poetry, Cookies
Lives InBikini Bottom
NeighbourSquidward Tentacles
Best FriendSpongeBob SquarePants
OccupationSpongeBob's Pet
SpeciesSea Snail
Voiced ByTom Kenny

[edit] Overview

Gary the Snail is an underwater pet of SpongeBob SquarePants. He often acts much more intelligent than Spongebob himself. Gary has paid the electric bill, read the newspaper, played the violin, and has an interest in literature. He also seems to realize better solutions to the many conflicts faced in the show than Spongebob does. Gary also loves to eat food, as most pets do, and one of his favorite treats is cookies. His everyday pet food is "Snail Po Snail Food", which he enjoys very much (though the taste is disgusting to most residents of Bikini Bottom). Gary absolutely loathes taking baths, but he has been able to outsmart Spongebob and avoid them. Besides being intelligent, Gary is also curious, playful, and doesn't like being neglected.

Gary cannot talk (except for in one episode, Sleepy Time, during his dream), only "meow", resembling a cat. His meows do vary from high-pitched to low-pitched, depending on how he is trying to say something. Spongebob, however, seems to be able to understand a great deal of Gary's meows, symbolizing a special bond between the two.

[edit] Appearance

Gary has a teal/blue body, that is slightly slimy, like a real snail. At the front of his body are two eye stocks with large orange eyes. His shell is a light pink color with a red swirl design and purple spots decorating it. He has been seen dressed up in certain outfits now and then, such as a detective outfit.

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